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PSL 2023 Highest Paid Players PSL 8 Players Price List & Salaries

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Pakistan Super league (PSL) is a yearly Pakistani T20 league played in February-March. Like IPL, PSL additionally comprises of establishment based groups with players from various nations. This year will be the seventh version of establishment based cricket. This year, there is a top rundown of players who have joined PSL on enormous agreements. Actually take a look at PSL 2023 Most generously compensated Players.

The new season matches will be beginning in 2023 that is in January and February 2023. The competition will contain 17 matches played by every one of the teams. These matches will be occurring at arenas in Lahore and Karachi.

The finals will be occurring at the Gaddafi Arena in Lahore. The organization for the matches will be in the Twofold cooperative configuration and the end of the season games.

PSL 2023 Highest Paid Players

PSL each year conducts player drafts where local players, as well as international players, are auctioned to various teams. But here comes the twist.

All the PSL players are divided into category contracts – top players are allocated in the Platinum contract and have a particular wage as per that contract. PCB offers 5 types of contracts to the PSL players.

ContractPSL Salary (Pakistani Rupee)Notes
Platinum2,30,44,000Each team can pick 3 players from this category
Diamond1,15,22,000Teams can choose 3 players from this category
Gold82,30,000A total of 3 players can be taken from this category as well
Silver41,15,000Franchises can choose 5 players from this category
Emerging16,46,000Each franchise can sign up to 2 emerging players

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higheat paid players

The highest-paid players of the league are in the platinum category. The list of players and teams are as follows:

Kieron PollardPeshawar Zalmi2,30,44,000
Babar AzamKarachi Kings2,30,44,000
Dale SteynIslamabad United2,30,44,000
Collin IngramIslamabad United2,30,44,000
Muhammad HafeezLahore Qalandars2,30,44,000
Mohammad AmirKarachi Kings2,30,44,000
Wahab RiazPeshawar Zalmi2,30,44,000
Hassan RazaPeshawar Zalmi2,30,44,000
Chris LynnLahore Qalandars2,30,44,000
Sarfaraz AhmedQuetta Gladiators2,30,44,000

The player’s draft would be held later in the second week of December and the list of players added to this list would be updated.

Highest Paid Players (PKR)

Player NameTeamSalary (PKR)
Babar AzamKarachi Kings3 Crore
Imad WasimKarachi Kings3 Crore
Chris JordanKarachi Kings3 Crore
Hasan AliIslamabad United3 Crore
Asif AliIslamabad United3 Crore
Colin MunroIslamabad United3 Crore
Shaheen Shah AfridiLahore Qalandars3 Crore
Rashid KhanLahore Qalandars3 Crore
Fakhar ZamanLahore Qalandars3 Crore
Sarfraz AhmedQuetta Gladiators3 Crore
James VinceQuetta Gladiators3 Crore
Jason RoyQuetta Gladiators3 Crore
Wahab RiazPeshawar Zalmi3 Crore
Liam LivingstonePeshawar Zalmi3 Crore
Hazar Ullah ZazaiPeshawar Zalmi3 Crore
Muhammad RizwanMultan Sultan3 Crore
Rille RossouwMultan Sultan3 Crore
Tim DavidMultan Sultan3 Crore

Salary of Platinum Players

The highest-paid players in the Pakistan Super League 2023 are included in the Platinum category, which is the most expensive. Regarding the pricing of the PSL Platinum Category for 2023, each player receives $170,000 USD (PKR 3 crore). Only three players from this group may be selected by each team in the draught. All of the top athletes in the world, including Babar Azam, the top T20 batsman, are included in this group. In the Pakistan Super League 2023 draught, 18 players were chosen in the platinum category.

Player NameTeamSalary (USD)
Babar AzamKarachi Kings$170,000
Imad WasimKarachi Kings$170,000
Chris JordanKarachi Kings$170,000
Hasan AliIslamabad United$170,000
Asif AliIslamabad United$170,000
Colin MunroIslamabad United$170,000
Shaheen Shah AfridiLahore Qalandars$170,000
Rashid KhanLahore Qalandars$170,000
Fakhar ZamanLahore Qalandars$170,000
Sarfraz AhmedQuetta Gladiators$170,000
James VinceQuetta Gladiators$170,000
Jason RoyQuetta Gladiators$170,000
Wahab RiazPeshawar Zalmi$170,000
Liam LivingstonePeshawar Zalmi$170,000
Hazar Ullah ZazaiPeshawar Zalmi$170,000
Muhammad RizwanMultan Sultan$170,000
Rille RossouwMultan Sultan$170,000
Tim DavidMultan Sultan$170,000

Salary of Diamond Players

The second most expensive PSL category is diamond. In this division, each player receives $85,000 USD (PKR 1.5 crore). Every team in the diamond category may choose up to three players, but the PSL Mini Draft gave the Multan Sultans and Quetta Gladiators one extra pick. This is the Pakistan Super League’s most expensive tier after platinum. Twenty players have been chosen for this category, including Muhammad Amir and Shadab Khan, two of the best bowlers in the world.

Player NameTeamSalary (USD)
Imran TahirMultan Sultans$85,000
Sohaib MaqsoodMultan Sultans$85,000
David WilleyMultan Sultans$85,000
Shadab KhanIslamabad United$85,000
Faheem AshrafIslamabad United$85,000
Marchant de langeIslamabad United$85,000
Mohammad HafeezLahore Qalandars$85,000
Haris RaufLahore Qalandars$85,000
David WieseLahore Qalandars$85,000
Mohammad NawazQuetta Gladiators$85,000
Iftikhar AhmadQuetta Gladiators$85,000
James FaulknerQuetta Gladiators$85,000
Shimron HetmyerQuetta Gladiators$85,000
Shoaib MalikPeshawar Zalmi$85,000
Sherfane RutherfordPeshawar Zalmi$85,000
Haider AliPeshawar Zalmi$85,000
Mohammad AmirKarachi Kings$85,000
M. NabiKarachi Kings$85,000
Lewis GregoryKarachi Kings$85,000

Salary of Gold Players

Gold is the third division in the PSL 2023 draught. Every franchise is allowed to select three players from this group, although Lahore Qalandars received an additional player in the replacement round. Each participant in this category receives US$50000 (PKR 88 lac). Many of the best athletes in the world, such as Alex Hales and Shahid Afridi, fall under this group. For the eighth edition of the Pakistan Super League, 19 players, including fourteen locals and five foreigners, have been chosen.

The PSL 8 Gold category players’ salaries are shown below:

Player NameTeamSalary (USD)
Khushdil ShahMultan Sultans$50,000
Shahnawaz DhaniMultan Sultans$50,000
Shan MasoodMultan Sultans$50,000
Alex HalesIslamabad United$50,000
Mohammad Wasim Jr.Islamabad United$50,000
Azam KhanIslamabad United$50,000
Abdullah ShafiqLahore Qalandars$50,000
Phil SaltLahore Qalandars$50,000
Harry BrookLahore Qalandars$50,000
Ben DunkLahore Qalandars$50,000
Shahid AfridiQuetta Gladiators$50,000
Mohammad HasnainQuetta Gladiators$50,000
Naseem ShahQuetta Gladiators$50,000
Saqib MehmoodPeshawar Zalmi$50,000
Hussain TalatPeshawar Zalmi$50,000
Usman QadirPeshawar Zalmi$50,000
Joe ClarkeKarachi Kings$50,000
Sharjeel KhanKarachi Kings$50,000
Aamer YaminKarachi Kings$50,000

Salary of Silver Players

Silver is the Pakistan Super League’s second-cheapest tier. Each participant in this category receives US$25000 (PKR 44 lac). All of the players that are still above average fall into this category. There are 40 players total in this group; 13 of them are international athletes, and the remaining players are domestic.

The PSL 2023 Silver category players and their salaries are listed below:

Player NameTeamSalary (USD)
Rumman RaeesMultan Sultans$25,000
Asif AfridiMultan Sultans$25,000
Anwar AliMultan Sultans$25,000
Rovman PowellMultan Sultans$25,000
Imran Khan Sr.Multan Sultans$25,000
Rizwan HussainMultan Sultans$25,000
Johnson CharlesMultan Sultans$25,000
Dominic DrakesMultan Sultans$25,000
Paul StirlingIslamabad United$25,000
Muhammad AkhlaqIslamabad United$25,000
Reece TopleyIslamabad United$25,000
Danish AzizIslamabad United$25,000
Zafar GoharIslamabad United$25,000
Musa KhanIslamabad United$25,000
Zahir KhanIslamabad United$25,000
Umar AkmalQuetta Gladiators$25,000
Sohail TanvirQuetta Gladiators$25,000
Ben DuckettQuetta Gladiators$25,000
Khurram ShehzadQuetta Gladiators$25,000
Luke WoodQuetta Gladiators$25,000
Will SmeedQuetta Gladiators$25,000
Ali ImranQuetta Gladiators$25,000
Muhammad IlyasKarachi Kings$25,000
Umaid AsifKarachi Kings$25,000
Rohail NazirKarachi Kings$25,000
Muhammad Imran Jr.Karachi Kings$25,000
Sahibzada FarhanKarachi Kings$25,000
Jordan ThompsonKarachi Kings$25,000
Sohail AkhtarLahore Qalandars$25,000
Ahmad DaniyalLahore Qalandars$25,000
Zeeshan AshrafLahore Qalandars$25,000
Dean FoxcroftLahore Qalandars$25,000
Kamran GhulamLahore Qalandars$25,000
Mohammad Imran RandhawaLahore Qalandars$25,000
Akif JavedLahore Qalandars$25,000
Tom Kohler-CadmorePeshawar Zalmi$25,000
Salman IrshadPeshawar Zalmi$25,000
Arshad IqbalPeshawar Zalmi$25,000
Sameen GulPeshawar Zalmi$25,000
Kamran AkmalPeshawar Zalmi$25,000

Salary of Emerging Players

The final and least expensive division of the 2023 PSL is emerging. Each participant in this category receives $7,500 USD (PKR 13.2 lac). This category was developed to provide Pakistan’s up-and-coming artists additional exposure and opportunity on global stages. Each franchise must select at least two players from this group in accordance with PSL 2023 draught regulations. In this group, sixteen players have been chosen.

The PSL 2023 Emerging Players are listed below, along with their salaries:

Player NameTeamSalary (USD)
Faisal AkramKarachi Kings$7,500
Qasim AkramKarachi Kings$7,500
Mohammad Taha KhanKarachi Kings$7,500
Mubasir KhanIslamabad United$7,500
Zeeshan ZameerIslamabad United$7,500
Mohammad HurairaIslamabad United$7,500
Zaman KhanLahore Qalandars$7,500
Maaz KhanLahore Qalandars$7,500
Muhammad Ashar QureshiQuetta Gladiators$7,500
Abdul Wahid BangalzaiQuetta Gladiators$7,500
Ghulam MudassarQuetta Gladiators$7,500
SirajuddinPeshawar Zalmi$7,500
Muhammad Amir KhanPeshawar Zalmi$7,500
Mohammad UmerPeshawar Zalmi$7,500
Abbas AfridiMultan Sultan$7,500
Amir AzmatMultan Sultan$7,500


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